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Join us for 2019!

Fidalgo Trail Riders is a local mountain bike club in Anacortes, WA focused on creating, maintaining, and preserving great off road cycling opportunities in our community. Our main project and goal is to help the city develop and maintain a bike skills park. We also have been active in coordinating volunteer work parties on a number of maintenance projects and the newest ACFL trail – #137.

We’re excited about the current progress towards a bike park and believe we may have finally found the right spot at the right time! There are still a number of hurdles to overcome and it could still get stopped, but we’re hopeful.

Join us for 2019! We’ve put off recruiting members until we believed having members would actually help us accomplish the goal of developing a bike park. While the park is not a sure thing yet, we believe increasing our membership for 2019 will help us make a solid push for the current piece of land in a couple of ways. 1.  It will give us concrete numbers when talking about the support behind this project. 2. Over the last 3 years insurance has been a major challenge for mountain bike clubs throughout the USA and our costs have changed. Your membership will help us to be financially sustainable as we focus on the effort to develop a bike park.

If you’re ready to join, click the button below to go to the IMBA site. Type FTR into the chapter field and select Fidalgo Trail Riders from the options that pop up.



Your FTR Board

Kevin, Josh, Sky, Keegan, Ed, Erin, and Paul


Status Report

So we’ve had a long quiet spell while we’ve gone through a long process with the Anacortes Parks Department discussing some different options and locations for a bicycle skills park. You may have heard that we were working on the possibility of a bike park in the smiley’s bottom area. That conversation spanned from just before Mark Wenzel, the current school district superintendent was hired, all the way up to the passing of the school levy last spring. After some promising conversations it ultimately ended with a final “no” from the school district office. At that point our board began the process of looking at other pieces of property with the parks department. Our ultimate desire is to have a full bicycle skills park with flow trails, progressive features like drops and jumps, and a pumptrack. After looking at many options, we’ve decided to advocate for and support the development of a Velosolutions asphalt pumptrack in an existing multi-use park facility.

We’ll follow up with a second post specifically about the pumptrack and how to get involved.

Fidalgo Trail Riders Board

Anacortes Open Streets

The first Anacortes Open Streets event went down Sunday, September 14th. It was a beautiful sunny day to spend riding bikes on our downtown streets.

Fidalgo Trail Riders set up a portable Off-Road Skills Course to demonstrate the concept of a Bicycle Skills Park. IMG_9212

We had a steady stream of kids and a bunch of adults riding throughout the day. Thanks to the FTR board for all the work to build, set up, and host the course for the day!

Summers Here!

Fidalgo Trail Riders has had a great winter. We pulled together over 40 people over the course of two trail maintenance days with the ACFL rangers. We had a huge age range with lots of kids and families. Thanks to all who came out!

As the dirt dries up and the bees come out, we’re transitioning to some social rides for the summer. We’re planning 3 rides for FTR members. Since there are already a lot of group rides available in town, these will be focused on creating a fun opportunity for families with kids 2-12 to get out and ride with other families. Of course you’re welcome to join us if you don’t have kids, just expect a family paced experience.

June 28th 3-5pm at Heart Lake Parking Lot

July 19th 3-5pm at Cranberry Lake Parking Lot

August 23rd 3-5pm at Whistle Lake Parking Lot

Bring your own water, snacks, etc.

On another note, the bicycle skills park project is still underway. The parks department is pursuing permission to use a piece of land for the project. It’s been a slow but steady conversation. Thanks for your support of this project, Fidalgo Trail Riders, and the IMBA. As the process continues, we’ll keep working to care for the wonderful trail system we’ve already got.

See you out there,

Fidalgo Trail Riders

ACFL Storm Cleanup

Ranger Dave with the ACFL contacted us and asked that we spread the word that the trails are in need of help. The recent snow storm left most trails blocked by blow-down. A lot of it is branches that can be moved by hand, or cut with a handsaw. Dave has invited anyone interested to head out and clear out their favorite sections of trail. We will be doing an organized work party with Dave March 8th from 9am – 12pm. The location will be determined once we see how the cleanup is going. In the mean time, grab some friends and head out for a hike. Some of our members are planning to start clearing trails this weekend and continue each weekend until it’s all cleared. To help people figure out what’s been done, and what needs to be done, we’ll be identifying cleared trails and trees that need to be cut out by Dave on our facebook page. If you don’t have facebook, use our contact form and we’ll get it added to the list.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

We had a great day with kids and parents as we hosted the first local version of the IMBA’s Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect conditions for riding in the ACFL. We had a few experienced riders as well as many kids who were experiencing trail riding for the first time. Smiles were had all around. Thanks to the FTR Board Members and volunteers who made it happen.


For more on the event check out the writeup from local clothing company Treelines Northwest on Pinkbike.

Join Us!

Fidalgo Trail Riders is a new, local chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association. We have the ability to tap into the resources of an international network of advocates. We have organized in order to partner with the City of Anacortes to create a Bicycle Skills Park on Fidalgo Island. Our goal is for a multi-generational park that offers progression for all levels of riders. We expect it to become a place where families ride together, riders progress, and the community gathers. At the same time, we want to work with the city and other user groups to preserve the great riding experiences we already have on Fidalgo Island.

You can join us at and select Fidalgo Trail Riders as your local chapter.