Summers Here!

Fidalgo Trail Riders has had a great winter. We pulled together over 40 people over the course of two trail maintenance days with the ACFL rangers. We had a huge age range with lots of kids and families. Thanks to all who came out!

As the dirt dries up and the bees come out, we’re transitioning to some social rides for the summer. We’re planning 3 rides for FTR members. Since there are already a lot of group rides available in town, these will be focused on creating a fun opportunity for families with kids 2-12 to get out and ride with other families. Of course you’re welcome to join us if you don’t have kids, just expect a family paced experience.

June 28th 3-5pm at Heart Lake Parking Lot

July 19th 3-5pm at Cranberry Lake Parking Lot

August 23rd 3-5pm at Whistle Lake Parking Lot

Bring your own water, snacks, etc.

On another note, the bicycle skills park project is still underway. The parks department is pursuing permission to use a piece of land for the project. It’s been a slow but steady conversation. Thanks for your support of this project, Fidalgo Trail Riders, and the IMBA. As the process continues, we’ll keep working to care for the wonderful trail system we’ve already got.

See you out there,

Fidalgo Trail Riders

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