Status Report

So we’ve had a long quiet spell while we’ve gone through a long process with the Anacortes Parks Department discussing some different options and locations for a bicycle skills park. You may have heard that we were working on the possibility of a bike park in the smiley’s bottom area. That conversation spanned from just before Mark Wenzel, the current school district superintendent was hired, all the way up to the passing of the school levy last spring. After some promising conversations it ultimately ended with a final “no” from the school district office. At that point our board began the process of looking at other pieces of property with the parks department. Our ultimate desire is to have a full bicycle skills park with flow trails, progressive features like drops and jumps, and a pumptrack. After looking at many options, we’ve decided to advocate for and support the development of a Velosolutions asphalt pumptrack in an existing multi-use park facility.

We’ll follow up with a second post specifically about the pumptrack and how to get involved.

Fidalgo Trail Riders Board