Pumptrack Project

We’re pursuing getting an asphalt pumptrack in Anacortes. These things are awesome. Take everything you know about dirt pumptracks and put it on hold. The scale, design, speed, and progression that comes from a properly built asphalt pumptrack is above and beyond any dirt pumptrack we’ve seen. After looking at the land options currently available for consideration, we feel an asphalt pumptrack is the most accessible and sustainable option available to create riding with the kind of flow that many riders find lacking on Fidalgo Island. Asphalt pumptracks are usable by kids, adults, beginners, pro riders, scoot bikes, bmx, mtb, skateboards, scooters and pretty much anything that rolls. They foster community, look cool and ride awesome. We believe an asphalt pumptrack would be a great asset to the community of Anacortes.

What is an asphalt pumptrack?
Watch the video below and check out pumptrack.com

Where are we at in the process?
The idea of the asphalt pumptrack was presented to the Parks and Recreation board at their August meeting by board member Sarah Nichols. Sarah and her family had visited the Leavenworth track and were very excited about it. In September our president, Kevin Foss, was asked to come and present more information about what it would take to get one built here. Kevin had been able to be part of the Leavenworth build crew with Velosolutions and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. Kevin presented the costs, why we at Fidalgo Trail Riders are supporting this project, and answered questions about site feasability. The parks board decided to put together a committee of a few community members with various interests to discuss the north side of Storvik park and the possibility of putting the pumptrack in that area. Fidalgo Trail Riders was asked to suggest some community members to represent the pumptrack project on that committee. We have submitted our suggestions and are waiting for the next step.

How can you get involved?
At this point we’re building a list of people who support the project. You can add your name by joining the Anacortes Pumptrack facebook group, emailing fidalgotrailriders@gmail.com and asking to be added to our email list, or become a member of Fidalgo Trail Riders, a chapter of the IMBA by clicking here.

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