Join us for 2019!

Fidalgo Trail Riders is a local mountain bike club in Anacortes, WA focused on creating, maintaining, and preserving great off road cycling opportunities in our community. Our main project and goal is to help the city develop and maintain a bike skills park. We also have been active in coordinating volunteer work parties on a number of maintenance projects and the newest ACFL trail – #137.

We’re excited about the current progress towards a bike park and believe we may have finally found the right spot at the right time! There are still a number of hurdles to overcome and it could still get stopped, but we’re hopeful.

Join us for 2019! We’ve put off recruiting members until we believed having members would actually help us accomplish the goal of developing a bike park. While the park is not a sure thing yet, we believe increasing our membership for 2019 will help us make a solid push for the current piece of land in a couple of ways. 1.  It will give us concrete numbers when talking about the support behind this project. 2. Over the last 3 years insurance has been a major challenge for mountain bike clubs throughout the USA and our costs have changed. Your membership will help us to be financially sustainable as we focus on the effort to develop a bike park.

If you’re ready to join, click the button below to go to the IMBA site. Type FTR into the chapter field and select Fidalgo Trail Riders from the options that pop up.



Your FTR Board

Kevin, Josh, Sky, Keegan, Ed, Erin, and Paul