Bike Park


Where families ride together, riders progress, and the community gathers.

A bike park is a recreational facility specifically designed to be a fun place to ride bikes while developing off-road handling skills. When designed and built correctly they are very kid and family friendly and give new riders a positive first experience riding off road. They are also a great place to create features that challenge riders with more experience.

Fidalgo Trail Riders was organized during the course of conversations with the Anacortes Parks Department about what it will take to get a bicycle skills park on Fidalgo Island. In the past few years, individuals have approached the city and tried to develop a bike park. Three major hurdles emerged for an individual developing a park.  1. The need to sign a Memorum of Understanding.  2. The need for an insurance policy to cover volunteer work.  3. Endurance: the process of getting a park like this build is long, time consuming, and often frustrating. Creating Fidalgo Trail Riders has enabled us to develop a long term solution to working through these hurdles.

Current Status
  • We are currently advocating for an asphalt pumptrack in Anacortes. Read about it here: Pumptrack Project
  • We have considered many properties  on Fidalgo Island with the Anacortes Parks department to find a suitable place for flow trails, progressive drops, a skills zone, and other features. We have been underwhelmed by what is available for a larger park at this time. We have decided to put our time and resources towards an asphalt pumptrack within an existing city park. After the pumptrack is built, we will re-evaluate the need and possibilities for other riding facilities.
Get Involved
  • Join Us! We need a membership base to sustain basic costs like insurance as we work towards a park.
  • Spread  the word!
  • Join our list of riders who support the pumptrack project by joining the Anacortes Pumptrack facebook page,  email ing  and asking us to add you to the list, or join Fidalgo Trail Riders, a chapter of the IMBA here.