Bike Park

Where families ride together, riders progress, and the community gathers.

A Bike Skills Park is an off-road cycling facility that provides fun for all ages and skill levels. It provides a number of elements that Anacortes mountain bikers have been asking for for years.

In the last 6 years we’ve looked at a number of properties with the Anacortes Parks Department. Each has taken time to work through whether we could do a park at that location. We are currently working through the approval process to develop a park at the old city dump site just off of trail 10 at the A Ave trailhead.

AnacortesBikePark - Concept

We have a dream list of features for a park depending on how much space can be accessed in consideration of wetlands buffers and mitigation. We’ve put together a conceptual list with descriptions that you can read here: Anacortes Bike Park Concept and Key

It includes:

  1. A dirt pumptrack
  2. Beginner xc trail with optional skills development features
  3. Progressive Drops
  4. Progressive Jumps
  5. Flow and Slopestyle trails
  6. Technical Challenge Zone
  7. Gathering area for education programs and groups like the Anacortes Mountain Bike Team.

For some examples of other bike parks check out:


The role of Fidalgo Trail Riders:

As bike parks have become more common across North America it has largely been due to the involvement of non-profit advocacy groups. The IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) has played a large role in helping legitimize public bike parks. At this point there are two types of city bike parks: 1. Contractor built and volunteer maintained, or 2. Volunteer built and maintained. Either way most of the parks operate with a Memorum of Agreement between the city and a non-profit club like Fidalgo Trail Riders. FTR organized in 2013 as a chapter of the IMBA and is prepared to help develop and sustain a bike park in any way we can. We exist to help create, maintain, and preserve great mountain biking facilities for Fidalgo Island mountain bikers. This includes providing a volunteer labor force for maintenance as ACFL trail use grows alongside the booming interest in recreating outdoors.

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