Bike Skills Park

Where riders learn skill, confidence, and stewardship.

A Bike Skills Park is an off-road cycling facility that provides fun for all ages and skill levels. It is a place to transition from a paved path to off road riding. It is a place for young and new riders to learn the skills to ride singletrack trails with confidence and safety. It is a place for some fun bike specific features not available elsewhere.

A bike skills park is largely designed around the existing topography of the available site.  We’ve considered several spaces since 2013 and waited patiently as the Parks Department has talked with key stakeholders to determine if the process of designing and determining feasibility could be started. The ideas, features, and materials to be used have changed multiple times as we’ve tried to communicate the current ideas to our members.

For the first time since we formed in 2013, the Parks department has identified a piece of property that is available for consideration; the Old Dump Site off trail 10 in the ACFL. Since March 2019 we’ve been working through the process of determining the feasibility and preparing a proposal. We greatly value the character and feel of the ACFL and have tried to draft a proposal that can provide the blend of conservation and recreation that is consistent with the ACFL Comp Plan and that this area warrants.  Our proposal is meant to help the Forest Advisory Board and Community understand the scope and features of the bike skills park. There are other elements that the Parks department can shed more light on such as the idea to use rain gardens to manage stormwater and bring restoration to this brown field site.

You can view the proposal that was given to the FAB in June 2019 here.